When I first started digital marketing I learned every technicality about Facebook ads, Google ads, Email marketing tools etc, and thought that I can earn a lot as some top marketers are doing. But I failed to do so. Let’s see why.

Most digital marketers have jumped on bandwagon pretty late so they don’t fully understand the internet. 

More importantly, they think that if they know technicalities of modern marketing channels for example they can run a Facebook ad, they have become a digital marketer. 

But this is not the case. We fail to acknowledge that basic concepts of marketing, techniques and strategies remain relevant even in digital marketing.

The formula for success is= mastery of Marketing basics + mastery of digital channels

Let’s see some basics which every digital marketer should master 

1 storytelling.

Why storytelling?

Stories are the oldest way of information exchange. 

Remember your childhood, we remember most of the stories we have heard vividly compared to what we learn in school. Our brain generates oxytocin when we hear a story and we get hooked immediately. 

Our brain is a story processor, not a logic processor. 

Remember facts tell, stories sell.

Let’s take a Facebook ad for example 

Very few get very low cost per lead in their Facebook ad while others keep losing money to high cost per lead.

 We have to understand people are not logging onto Facebook looking for any products or services.

They are logging into Facebook looking for stories. Stories about their friends, Stories about their colleagues. Different, Different stories.

So, here’s the secret to Low Cost Per Lead – Tell stories about their problems and dreams just like a “Trusted Friend” would do.

When you do that, they would like, comment and engage with your ad just like they do regularly with Facebook

See, there’s something called CTR which is Click Through Rate that determines how low your Cost Per Lead will be.

If 1 out of 100 prospects clicks on your ad, your CTR is 1%.

IF 5 out of 100 prospects click on your ad, your CTR is 5%

The higher your CTR, the lower will be your Cost Per Lead.

And, you can get a higher CTR when the Stories you tell on your Facebook ad is emotionally connecting.

This is why we should master this skill.

  1. Mass desire

Eugene Schwartz tells us that we should not create a desire for product or services but channel existing desire

we cannot create a desire for a product. We need to find the hopes, dreams, fears and desires, of people, use them in our ad instead of product features and benefits. 

There lies the secret to a winning ad.

Most ads don’t take off because they don’t use Schwartz’s technique of “mass desire”. 

Here’s how you can use it for your ad copy:-

 Let’s take an example of Sweat Blocking products

It doesn’t even have to be hot out there my armpits are always wet. Excessive sweating ruins more than clothing. It keeps you from putting your hands up, from high fiving friends, getting close….. 

In this ad “mass desire” is an embarrassment. 

Instead of telling about the product features, how a product works, the ad focuses on mass desire– embarrassment.

Other examples are

Instead of saying a car has minimal noise, you say

“At 50 km/hr, the loudest noise in your car is your watch”

Instead of saying get best copywriting in the market, you say

“Accomplish 3% plus conversion rate”

Now, the use of “mass desire” will help your prospects to decide without spending the calories on their brain on analyzing the features/benefits.

This will put you miles ahead of your competition as they will just be talking about the features. 

If you master these two techniques today you will definitely stand out from the herd.

We will see other techniques in the next posts.

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